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Daily Bull 11.5.14

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

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GOOD BULL HERE. Saw this roll across the Tweetwire yesterday, but it looks like Kirby Ennis is set to graduate next month. We missed you last year, pal and your performance in Tuscaloosa in 2012 was truly dominant. 'Grats, Kirbo.

CAUTION HOT TAEKS HERE. And so the clamoring begins continues spreads everywhere: here's another FIRE COACHING GUY* headline only this time it's in an easily-digestible click-through slideshow but be sure to click all the way through to the end so that the author can get the bonus virtual equine Ebola vaccine in Farmville added to his b/r account.

*Disclaimer: it's not that we're against the "fire coach" discussions here at the DB. Not at all; debates and discussions are healthy. But it's not going to happen during the remainder of the season, so let's hold off just a little bit and try to find some kind of football (it's gotta be in there somewhere, I know it) in the last three games to hang onto until December rolls around. We'll have a whole month to kick back and throw beer cans at the carousel at that point.

AUBIE, YOU SLY SO-AND-SO. Times were simpler back in the '80s, man. Coaches smoked on the sideline, players cut loose by driving their 4x4's in the mud on their rivals' practice fields, and mascots caroused with vivacious ladies on "Bear" skin rugs in front of fireplaces into the wee hours of the night. You win this round, Tiger.

Happy TAILGATING to all.