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Daily Bull 11.4.14

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

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ALL-SEC. Aggie Soccer placed six players on the all-conference team. The conference champs take on Georgia in the quarterfinals tomorrow in the SEC Tourney in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Hey look we made it into the Football SEC weekly honors! Boy that last bullet point on the special teams section really kind of puts the syrup on top of this mangled pancake of a season.

• Helped execute Florida's first successful fake field goal since Sept. 8, 2012 at Texas A&M.

HAPPY SANTA CLES. Yesterday, Les Miles urged everyone to go be good citizens. Spencer Hall takes us beyond election day and expounds upon some additional holidays.

Guy Fawkes Day

We're sitting him for the first half of the New Mexico State game. We feel that's a lesson and he's absorbed it. We feel that.

And not to be outdone as a philosopher,  the works of Voltaire and FIREHORSE have returned after long absence, summoned from the recesses by the mysterious victory of Will Muschamp.

Night moves. SECNetwork announced the kick times for the 11/15 games yesterday, and we'll be taking on Mizzou in a 6:30 kickoff. That's also the date of the GBH Real Life Tailgate Redux, so y'all do the math. Expect many updates from cuppycup if you are planning to attend.

Listen to him. The man knows his breakfasts. Just more daily life hacks from our favorite Aggie Football Twitter legend:

And don't forget it. Have a great Tuesday, all.