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Daily Bull 11.25.14

Special edition today, folks

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

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And a fine Tuesday to you all as well. Today is TAILGATE day but before that, let's indulge in some good ole '90s reminiscence.

Twenty years ago Friends was the hottest TV show, wearing flannel and looking sad was popular, and  we had a stellar defense and the bare shell of an offense despite having some massively talented individuals on that side of the ball. Basically a mirror image of now.

1994 was the last road trip we took to Death Valley before the breakup of the rivalry with the advent of the Big 12. I'm sure Old Army can expound on the number and wattage of batteries thrown, obscenities in Cajun French yelled, and other atrocities faced.

Meanwhile on the field, the two teams bludgeoned at one another for four quarters in a game that ended with each team scoring in the teens amid a bevy of brilliant running, aggressive defense, and plenty of neck rolls and hand towels.

Final score: Aggies win 18-13.

Here's the video:

A few observations:

  • each team punted the ball the same number of times for the exact same number of yards
  • our leading receiver was Clif Groce, the fullback
  • we were 2-11 on third downs, yet outgained LSU 320 yards to 251
  • the game featured four touchdowns and one extra point
  • the difference in possession time was four seconds

This game was SEC football 18 years before we were SEC.