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Daily Bull 11.24.14

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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HAPPY SHORT WEEK. Hey, y'all working? US TOO. Waste some time with us this week as we work up our appetites for a delicious tiger feast.

AGGIE SOCCER IS ELITE, IMO. Elite 8, that is. The team will host Penn State on Saturday for a shot at advancing to the Final Four. Yesterday's win against Notre Dame just adds to the momentum this team has been surging on this post-season. If you're in town this weekend, get to the game.

Are you not entertained? Well, you should be. The SEC has no perfect teams, has been up-and-down, and has slowly devoured itself all season long. What's not to like? ESPN puts a cap on this crazy season that could still see 13 out of 14 SEC teams become bowl-eligible when all is said and done. #SECBias, PAWWLLL

"Here." Tragic news from the weekend: Aggie Wrecking Crew linebacker Larry Kelm has passed away. He will be missed by the entire Aggie Family. Thoughts go out to his family.