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By the Numbers: ULM

I'm really trying, folks...

At least we can work on our beards this month
At least we can work on our beards this month
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Heyoo, we're bowl-eligible, and won't this be a great November? We've got two teams that just knocked off Ole Miss and the SEC East front-runners left on the schedule. No matter, though, because we got that elusive sixth win and held the opponent to 16 points and 347 yards, which is great on paper, even if it is a Sun Belt team. But I guess we're here to look at all the digits, so here goes.

3RD DOWN MATHS. This is the most math I've ever done on one of these so bear with me because I don't know the spreadsheets and the calculators and stuff. ULM converted 7 of 19 third downs. That's a fairly decent percentage for the defense, I guess. But here's the manner in which they converted them: on those seven plays, the average distance to go was 4.6 yards. The average yardage picked up was over 12. The average size of the gaping maw in the middle of the field was the acreage of Wyoming. About a fourth of their total yardage on the day came on those seven third down conversion plays. Now, the question is this: if you are on a train traveling from Istanbul to Melbourne while watching this team play, how high is your blood pressure and what manner of drugs should you seek?

OK, now just some plain numbers.

1. That first start for Kyle Allen. It wasn't pretty, but now the game's in the books.

2. Those two turnovers for Kyle Allen. They weren't pretty, but now the game's in the books.

3.5. Myles Garret sacks. He went ahead and cruised past Clowney's freshman SEC record by a pretty healthy margin.

4. Punts dropped inside the 20 yard line by Kaser. I'm including this and that should tell you how the game was. Just rocket that punt up there, hit the brakes, and they'll fly right by.

5. Catches by Speedy for 69 yards and a TD. Tack on 61 punt return yards for good measure, and that puts him just shy of the thousand-yard mark in all-purpose yards on the season after nine games.

7. Total sacks by the defense. Nice confidence builder, I guess.

19. Carries by Brandon Williams. This is the first time we've leaned on one back that much in a single game in a long time, and it's almost like he nearly got in a rhythm or something! Carson still had 13 carries also, but Trey Williams was nowhere to be found.

243. That total offensive yardage, though...

507. Offensive yards Auburn put up on Ole Miss' defense last night.

About those train tickets...