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Daily Bull 11.19.14

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

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Online defending. Senior DB Deshazor Everett took to the Twitterverse recently in defense of his coaching staff. This is admirable, if a bit surprising, but it's not really that big a deal. Let's not forget that Stephen McGee stood up for Fran.

MOST ANTICIPATED ADVOCARE V100 TEXAS BOWL EVER? Not according to this CBS writer. It takes a third party to state what seems to be a common feeling: don't force it. Although I'm not gonna lie, I'd totally go to this:

It’s like Led Zeppelin finally reuniting only to play its farewell concert at an abandoned bowling alley in Waco.

[insert Dancing Days joke here, etc.]

Playoffs? The latest CFBP rankings are out and once again we can see that there are two SEC West teams in the top four along with A WHOLE NATION OF 'NOLE HATERS as FSU remains at #3 despite being the only 10-0 team remaining good thing they'll react calmly and reasonably to this little wrinkle in the brand-new system. Seriously if you even chuckled at this or had the slightest bit of satisfaction upon reading that you are in on the conspiracy and you just don't understand what this team has had to go through and overcome and

oh hey, someone brought donuts.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.