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Daily Bull 11.18.14

This season's finest Top Gun reenactment
This season's finest Top Gun reenactment
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Remembering. Bonfire fell fifteen years ago this morning. Take a moment today to think about life and put things in perspective.

Read this tribute.

Molten hot burnt orange takes here. The BON is excited about the post-season this year, even going to far as to engage in a bit of Texas Bowl brinksmanship:

If Texas wins against TCU, a trip to the Russell Athletic Bowl against an ACC opponent could happen, but otherwise, the Texas Bowl is the overwhelming guess right now, with A&M the most likely opponent.

Unless the Aggies are too scared, that is.

Hold me.

Dismal. And that's fair headline use. Sam Khan, Jr. rips the scab off that festering wound in our psyches: bad defense is definitely here. And if you wish to go further and delve into actual numbers, well, we can do that too.

Enjoy the bye-week, folks. It'll get easier.