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Daily Bull 11.17.14

Let the 2015 Heisman campaign begin
Let the 2015 Heisman campaign begin
Thomas B. Shea

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HAPPY MONDAY. And happy bye-week as well. Once again, it feels timely. We'll still be kicking some internet stuff around right here, so stick with us during the intermission.

Pretty Good Bull. You know those State Troopers who protect the head ball coaches? The Eagle did a nice profile on one of our own. He's been guarding Ag coaches since the Slocum era, and has missed one game in fifteen seasons. He had an excuse: he was on hurricane duty during Rita. Gig 'em, Clay.

TEXAS BOWLIN'. The latest edition of SB Nation's bowl predictions are up and they've got a doozy for the one in Houston (hey, it's tote legit it's on the Internet and surely not only for the purpose of stirring up stimulating discourse):

Texas Texas Texas A&M 12/29/2014 Houston, TX Big 12 4 vs. SEC 3-8

The TAILGATE for this game could bankrupt us emotionally for months.

YES, WE HEARD. Will Muschamp will be stepping down as Florida head football coach. See the situation summed up in one wonderful gif right here.

Grats, WBB. Pretty solid weekend, going 3-0 in the Maggie Dixon Classic. They'll tip off against Rice next at home.