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By the Numbers: Mizzou

What third quarter?

Thomas B. Shea

Today's edition is brought to you by one number: 3. The third quarter. Missouri had four drives, 28 total offensive plays, 312 yards, and 28 points in the third quarter. That's one point per snap. That's over 11 yards per play. That's an entire game's worth of offense in one quarter. The third quarter accounted for 53% of their total yards for the game, 83% of their points, and 100% of their touchdowns.

We came out and answered that first drive wonderfully with a three-play, 68-yard TD drive capped by a long run and catch by Josh Reynolds. Our next two drives went for a total of 7 plays, 24 yards, and 2 punts. Even so, we somehow found ourselves with a chance to tie the game up late and could not get one yard in two plays when it counted.

This was a close game that we were in the entire time, but that third quarter blitzkrieg combined with the slew of defensive injuries just felt like the microcosm of a blowout within a larger football game.The frustrations are rampant on both sides of the ball. The same team that came out on fire against Auburn came out flat in the second half when the punches were flying. This crew has got two weeks to try to figure out an even more schizophrenic LSU squad, and then a month of bowl practice to figure out the bigger picture.

Some other key threes:

3: sacks by Mizzou. We had none

#33: Shaan Washington had 10 tackles to lead the team. It wasn't a DB this week

3: catches by Speedy for 36 yards. And the almost-kick return-for-TD

#3: Trey Williams had 4 carries for 35 yards, the fewest carries of our four ball carriers but the second-highest yardage total

3: TD passes by Kyle

Other #3: Tommy Sanders saw considerable playing time and had a TFL and a QBH

The Magic Number

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.