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Daily Bull 11.13.14

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

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HANG UP AN' LISSEN. I went on the Rock M Radio show to talk Aggies-Tigers II with the guys from Rock M Nation. We discussed the ups and downs of the season, quarterbacks, and perhaps arriving at a gentleman's agreement regarding gameplay on Saturday brokered by Loftin himself. They're a fine bunch of folks over there so check 'em out. Bill_C's latest on the Ags' inconsistencies on offense is worth a read.

The fever. Catch it. That's #SECBasketballFever, and it's running rampant here as the Aggies somehow hauled in the best recruiting class in school history yesterday.  Keep an eye out for plenty more hoops coverage here in the next few weeks.

Tourney tomorrow. The Aggie Women's Soccer Team kicks off the NCAA tournament Friday evening at Ellis Field against the Houston Baptist Huskies. Plenty more details to come from Jason Z, who's been following the team this year.

DON'T FORGET. You may have seen it mentioned on here a time or two but there's a big shindig planned for Saturday. cuppycup's been working his fingers to the bone to put this sucker together, so scope out the details to the Real Life Tailgate if you're going to be able to swing by.

EZ breaks down the education system. Our favorite Twitter philosopher is asking the tough questions.