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Daily Bull 10.8.14

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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HUMP DAY HUMP DAY. Got a short while until it's time to TAILGATE, so throw in some headphones and listen to a few of us cut up for a half-hour with Bunkie Perkins and talk about Ole Miss football. And also, we decided to maybe start a tumblr.

HEYOOO HAS is at it again. The Hater's Ball just got a bit livelier with the latest installation over at EDSBS. He devoted three jabs this week to the Aggies, wrapping up with this one.

Texas A&M beat us pretty bad. Guess Poland wasn't a real good indicator of the Wehrmacht's strength of schedule, were they?


Hoops news? Hoops news. Good tidings for Coach Kennedy and crew as the NCAA has ruled that SMU transfer Jalen Jones will be eligible to play most of this season after sitting out the first four games.

Soundbytes everywhere: TelcoAg gives us a nice tidy recap of yesterdays pressers (video clips included also). Say what you will about the team's play, but these guys' media game is pretty strong.

One more time, then we'll drop it. ESPN's Sam Khan takes an in-depth look at the startling problem that has crept up on us the last two weeks: not hanging on to the football. Simply put, we are the worst of any power 5 team, and if you look at those extrapolation numbers, that's...unsettling. Hang on to the ball, fellas.