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Daily Bull 10.7.14

Howdy, Uncle Verne
Howdy, Uncle Verne
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

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CBS, PAWWLLLL. Looks like we'll be in the top afternoon slot again a week from Saturday when we go to Tuscaloosa. The good news? They're not from the state of Mississippi. Oh, and they play Arkansas right before us, which means they'll hopefully be a bit worn down and beaten up on the lines.

POWER POLLIN'. The Ags take a bit of a tumble in the latest round of POWER RANKINGS at Team Speed Kills. Honestly, #5 is pretty generous. If you go back and read some of the GameThread comments, you'd expect we'd have folded up the football program by now. gonna Of course we all heard about Ole Miss getting fined fifty grand for ripping down their goalposts following their takedown of Alabama. One fun-loving columnist has some sternly-worded advice for all you young whippersnappers: react only with calmness and decorum, please, lest I am required to call for my fainting couch. Harumph, sir. This is a gentleman's game with no room for rambunctious behaviour on the pitch or off.

What is it with dudes from Mississippi and their feet? Ole Miss has suspended safety Trae Elson for the first half against us Saturday after he kicked an Alabama player who was lying on the ground this past Saturday. Oh, and the Alabama player had just broken his leg. What warrants a full game suspension, both legs broken? An arm and a leg? Please list your hot takes in the comments.