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Daily Bull 10.6.14

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Good Monday to all. Well, at least Monday. We'll slog through the last of the Mississippi State cobwebs together and start focusing on Ole Miss coming to town, who, by the way, is now #3 in the nation after beating Bama. The game will kick at 8:00 PM on Saturday, which means a LOT of tailgating, so y'all behave.

Credit where credit is due. We played some terrible football on Saturday, but the Bulldogs also played some great football. They're a very good team with a great QB and leader. And this Saturday's first-ever hosting of ESPN's College GameDay is well-deserved.

HATE BARN HATE WEEK. Our compatriots over at Red Cup Rebellion have gotten an early start on the week, it seems. Their standard Hate Week Thread is already live and running. (Hint: if you're relatively new round here, before you burst a capillary and smash your keyboard, take a moment to read the disclaimers and such they post at the beginning.) do they work? There have been questions lately about why still pay so much attention to polls since they no longer have such a big impact on the college football post-season. Brandon Larrabee at Team Speed Kills gives us a thoughtful perspective on how they're still useful. OLE MISS AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY PAWWWLLL.

WATCH THIS. If you missed GameDay on Saturday morning, this is a wonderful piece of Ole Miss football historyfrom Wright Thompson. It's what it's all about.