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Daily Bull 10.29.14

"No, Joffrey really isn't King Robert's son. You know what, just keep watching the show."
"No, Joffrey really isn't King Robert's son. You know what, just keep watching the show."
Scott Halleran

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YES. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS. The first set of CFB playoff rankings dropped last night and here they are. Guess what! Not everyone is happy and there is inferrred bias and oh my god let's just go back to the pre-TV era system and vote whoever has the best bowties #1 and aaggghhhh. It's gonna be a fun next several weeks, y'all.

HAS IN THE HOUSE. Our favorite smarmy ball coach is alive and well and doling out the wisdom, this week with a whole slew of Les Miles respect.

Call Les Miles Wright Thompson because he always wears a hat and makes Mississippians cry.

Call Les Miles Darth Vader because he'll choke a Rebel.

Call Les Miles fatal to your dog because he's pure anti-Freeze.

There are many more, of course. Enjoy responsibly.

Oh yeah there's a football game in a few days. Forgot about that part, kind of. Here's the press conference recap if you're into that kind of thing. Should be fun interesting something to see which team shows up Saturday.

Not just a QB battle. As Kate Hairopolous points out, this open competition goes beyond signal-caller and spans more than three losses in a row. It's been building for a while. Time will tell whether or not the fix came too late.

Look at the bright side, Coach:

As for Sumlin, stuck in his first three-game losing streak at A&M, he isn’t currently adored as he once was around town, but he’s not getting, er, unfriendly salutes, either.

"No, nobody talks to me right now," Sumlin said, smiling. "I haven’t gotten a lot of ‘No. 1 signals’ yet, though. That’s when it gets really bad."

Have a good Wednesday, folks.