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Daily Bull 10.28.14

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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Aw, well, shucks; that's awful kind of you. This kindly PAC-12 recruitnik explains why the Ags are still the hot pick in the State of Texas when it comes to snagging the elite prospects. We're gonna need a pretty strong finish to stay that way, though.

And speaking of playoff is some more. Another look at the brutality of the SEC West and how it's possible that when all's said and done we might not have anyone left with fewer than two losses. [/pushes up glasses] we were doing that back in October before it was cool. Oh and also special bonus points for the use of "meat grinder" in the headline because it allows me to do this hahahahaha


WHAT'S THAT SOUND WELL ITS HOOPS IN THE DISTANCE. Yep, squeakyfouls is looming, so if you want a full dose of #SECBasketballFever, Team Speed Kills will let you know who's going to be good this year (HINT: the answer is Kentucky). The good news? The Ags are ranked #7. The other news? That's #7 in the SEC.

FRIDGE ART. We had a bye week, so I hope y'all didn't forget about that post we put out on Wednesday mornings. If you've got some rad MSPaint skills, send us your submissions for the TAILGATE refrigerator:

ENOUGH HORSING AROUND. This is a very cool pic and also a metaphor for how this great University can cast a shadow upon all aspects of our lives and...yeah, something. Enjoy, and have a great Tuesday.