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Daily Bull 10.23.14

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

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Coach B's back! If you missed it, WBB coach Gary Blair was on Coach's Clicker on the SEC Network recently breaking down hoops schemes. The team's first scrimmage is Saturday at Reed Arena, so stay tuned here for more coverage.

Playoffs we are talking about playoffs. The first bunch of College Football Playoff action is about to hit us next week. (Hint: we won't be affected this year.) Anyway, our pals over at Corn Nation have put together a survey to see what us normal folk thing about how teams should be considered. Pop over there and give 'em a few minutes for some feedback if you can.

Hey look, we're famous again? In what is becoming an uncomfortable routine, our gamethread once more provided fodder for This Week in Schadenfreude. Remember that when you're in the throes of a complete and utter shitstorm devoid of hope and you start typing into that window that all the world is going to see the depths of your despair. We salute you for your willingness to share.

Ha ho there's football on tonight. I like to play a game and ask myself a few questions before each Thursday night matchup, particularly for the earlier games, before I decide how interested I am in watching:

  • Did one or both teams play in (and win) the Big East at some point?
  • Do one or both teams have offenses as exciting as footage of Matt Millen reading a cereal box?

Well, unfortunately for us, both games tonight pass that eye test, with Virginia Tech hosting Miami at 6:00, then ECU hosting UConn at 7:00. My bold prediction is that VT will stumble around, kicking field goals for three quarters, then frantically come back after being down 20 in the fourth quarter to only lose by one TD. Your best bet is to endure that for an hour and then watch the Pirates host the Huskies. Their only loss on the year is to South Carolina (but don't worry, that was back when it was cool to lose to them, even Richt did it). Don't count out UConn completely, though; their defense is scrappy. They once went 7-5 and won the Big East without a single red zone appearance.

Enjoy! Next Thursday features Louisville vs. everyone's favorite misunderstood and underrated Seminoles team.