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Daily Bull 10.21.14

Tom Pennington

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Read this; take notes. We're not the only ones struggling right now. Spencer Hall was in the stands for Florida's utter implosion on Saturday evening and wrote about the entire ordeal. Imagine the frustration of losing in that manner with such an outstanding defense. This stat is appalling:

After the game, ESPN would circulate a factoid about only 149 teams holding the other team to 120 yards of offense in the past ten years in college football. Of those, only two had lost, and both were Will Muschamp football teams. Using really rough math, the probability of that happening in that sample over the grand total of something around seven thousand FBS football games in that span of time? It's around 0.0003%. If you wonder why anyone is still writing about this, that's why.

Well that seems a bit generous. Team Speed Kills' latest SEC POWER POLL POWER BALLOT is out, with the Ags only tumbling to rest at #7, atop the rocky boulder pile of Arkansas.

Interesting matchup? Our next opponent (after BYE) will be facing off this weekend against a certain coach whose name rhymes with Pinnace Branchione.

Hmm, well, we may need to enlist the help of the Internet on this next one.

Brent Z, what are your thoughts on the current state of affairs?

He is displeased.

He is unsatisfied.

He is ill-at-ease.

He is disconcerted.

He is vexed.

He is cross.

He is somewhat indignant, but finding a way to cope with the situation.