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Daily Bull 10.20.14


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WHO ELSE IS THRILLED TO BE BACK AT WORK? No, really. I was so eager to get the permeating, skin-crawling residue from Saturday off that I even came in yesterday. Let's put more days in the rear-view mirror ASAP. It's a bye week for everyone, but that doesn't mean we're giving up on you at GBH. Expect some different stuff.

Find something good. Hypno-Toad reminds us that there's still hope today, and still lots of things that are good in life. Just not any football things right now. Buck up, campers.

The answer is probably "yes". That question, of course, being the ESPN headline for this article. Not only is the honeymoon over, but our return flight from the honeymoon landed at 1AM and we had to be at work at 6AM and we'll be working who-knows-how-many-hours for the next who-knows-how-many-months to get that big project out the door by that deadline that keeps getting pushed back every few weeks. So yes, the honeymoon's over. Hope we got some good pictures.

#BRANDING. Team Speed Kills takes a look at the firm foothold the SEC has in the college football consciousness. How else could a defending national champion defeat another top 5 undefeated team in a prime time classic and not surpass the #1 team, who was unranked to start the year and had a bye week? Reputation. Oh, and also because no one really likes the Seminoles and they're probably going to dicktrip against Virginia or Miami or something and AHHHH LOOK OUT HERE COMES #FSUTWITTER

Happy Monday and ETHObyeweek.

(The "E" is for "Enjoy" or whatever else you want it to be for.)