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Daily Bull 10.14.14

Scott Halleran

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Lost in Transition. ESPN's Sam Khan takes a big-picture look at the season thus far and points out pretty much what we already knew: it's all about expectations. Success spoils, y'all, and perspective is a valuable thing.

Too early for bowl projections? We did our own version yesterday, but here's a rundown on some SEC predictions so far this season. Florida during bowl season is only enticing to landlocked Midwesterners and those within driving distance. Woof.

Well this is just downright cool. You may have seen some of these floating around before, but has gathered and explained 40 graphs, maps, and charts that document the role of sports in American culture. The illustration of conference realignment in particular just points out how hectic the whole thing has been.

112 grams? Quick, someone familiar with the Metric System run the conversions for us. Reserve Alabama TE Kurt Freitag was recently busted with that amount of marijuana in his dorm room. Oh, and also about five grand in cash. At least the RBR faithful are keeping the faith:

You'd think that will all that pot...

…he’d be higher on the depth chart.