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#GBHBowling: The Saddest Bowl Predictions

The saddest restaurant's sad logo. Sad.
The saddest restaurant's sad logo. Sad.
Christian Petersen

After a two-game slide and a trip to Tuscaloosa looming large, things don't seem too bright at the moment. So what better time to capture and chronicle the pulse of our fan expectations than to predict the absolute worst-case bowl scenarios at the end of the year? Let's embrace this temporary sadness and hope that we can laugh at it later. What follows is the result of a highly scientific poll conducted on the website

The Geographically Sad

A Whole Subsection on Houston Sad:

Florida Sad:

The Existentially Sad:

I thought perhaps this began as a sad Haiku, but it didn't work out. In my mind it's still a sad poem:

Penultimate Sadness: