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Daily Bull 10.13.14

Scott Halleran

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Call me Stormy Monday. Welp, as if this weekend weren't bad enough, now it's gray skies and back to work. Knock back some coffee while we keep trying to figure out this football team.

WE GOT EM RIGHT WHERE WE WANT EM PAWWLL. Looks like we'll be 2-touchdown underdogs heading into Tuscaloosa on Saturday. The Tide's had a rough go of it the last couple of weeks too, so that false sense of security they're feeling should work in our favor. [wink, wink, nudge, nudge] (WARNING: contains comments)

THROW ON YOUR WELDING GOGGLES THIS IS ONE BLUE-HOT TAKE. The real reason we're struggling? Too much of that newfangled "swag" or whatever the kids call it nowadays and not enough good ole fanshioned "blue-collarness." Time to collect the cell phones, cancel the Adidas contract, and scheme up some nice draw plays for 3rd-and-long; we're going '90s on your ass, SEC.

The new #1. Mississippi State is this year's dream story. Andy Staples of SI takes a close look at their unlikely rise to the top. Dan Mullen has arrived. When he attempted that fake punt that got intercepted with the big lead early against Auburn, you could hear Gary Danielson frantically wringing his hands in the booth. When asked about it at halftime, had this to say:

"We didn’t come to keep it close," an unapologetic Mullen said afterward. "We wanted to come to win."

Times are changing, Gary.

SOUNDBYTES SOUNDBYTES SOUNDBYTES. The DMN with a compilation of player and coach quotes following Saturday night: ABOUT AS PREDICTABLE AS OUR PLAYCALLING AMIRITE HEYOOOOOO
[/sobs in corner]

EZ KNOWS BEST. He really does. Layne's is superior.