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Latest Polls: Ags Fall to #21.

Well, we're still ranked.

"Let's not do that fake FG again, okay?"
"Let's not do that fake FG again, okay?"
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Following a 35-20 home defeat last night, Texas A&M Football dropped seven spots to #21 in both the AP and Coaches Polls. Mississippi State, following a sound victory over #2 Auburn, is the new #1 team in both polls, while Ole Miss remains at #3. Auburn fell to #6 in the AP, while Alabama remains at #7 after a narrow victory over Arkansas. So while there are still five SEC West teams ranked, the other four are in the top ten.

Congratulations to Mississippi State. This is only the fifth time in history that a team has beaten three AP top ten teams in consecutive weeks. Meanwhile the Aggies will face Alabama on the road on Saturday.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Mississippi State Mississippi State Auburn
2 Florida State Florida State Ole Miss
3 Ole Miss Ole Miss Mississippi State
4 Baylor Baylor Oklahoma
5 Notre Dame Notre Dame Baylor
6 Auburn Michigan State Alabama
7 Alabama Alabama Georgia
8 Michigan State Auburn TCU
9 Oregon Oregon Texas A&M
10 Georgia Georgia Oregon
11 Oklahoma Oklahoma Florida State
13 Ohio State Ohio State Notre Dame
14 Kansas State Kansas State Michigan State
15 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Ohio State
16 Arizona East Carolina Stanford
17 Arizona State Arizona Kansas State
18 East Carolina Arizona State Clemson
19 Nebraska Nebraska Florida
20 Utah Stanford UCLA
21 Texas A&M Texas A&M USC
22 USC Clemson Tennessee
23 Stanford Utah Utah
24 Clemson Marshall Nebraska
25 Marshall USC Arkansas
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