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By the Numbers: Ole Miss

The Doctor was in last night.
The Doctor was in last night.
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

1. First Ole Miss series was a punt, and Myles Garrett notched a sack. The crowd was raucous and the night was young.

2. Then those next two drives happened. We gave up 168 yards and 2 Bo Wallace rushing touchdowns in those two drives. Those two drives made up roughly half of Ole Miss' total offense on the night. Those two drives kicked us squarely in the teeth, and while our defense recovered, surprisingly, our offense never did. Ole Miss went 2-10 on third down conversions on the night.

3. Turnovers, and they were all on Kenny and they were all bad. Like, really bad. Two were returned for touchdowns and one took away a touchdown for us bad. Bad. 21 point swing bad.

4. Consecutive punts the defense forced through much of the second and third quarters. This was the window the defense gave the offense to get something going, and instead all they managed was one score and two turnovers returned for scores.

5. We're at fifth place in our division after sitting at the top just two weeks ago. SEC WEST.

6. Kaser punts. He averaged over 50 yards per boot and pinned them inside the 5 twice.

7. Number of teams that have this few interceptions on the year. We have two interceptions through seven games. Only UConn has fewer with one, and there are six other teams who only have two: Arizona State, Washington State, Ball State, Georgia State, SMU, and Texas Tech. On the other hand, there are only six teams that have more sacks than we do on the season. But, still. THAT'S BAD.

8. Touchdown catches for Josh Reynolds on the season. He's quietly leading the SEC in this category.

11. Catches by Speedy for 105 yards. He has been virtually the lone offensive bright spot in these last two games. It was his first 100-yard receiving game.

12. Once again, Deshazor had a double-digit tackle game. He's now our team's leading tackler. He's still playing corner. There's really not a positive way to twist this at all.

35. Rushing attempts. For 54 yards, which is 1.5 yards/carry. Ole Miss also had 35 rushing attempts, but they had 160 rushing yards.

401. Kenny somehow finished with over 400 passing yards. Most of that came in garbage time. If you didn't watch this game, you'd almost think we'd made it respectable.

110,633. That's how many people saw this performance live. Aubrey Bloom said it best: