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Daily Bull 10.10.14

Nobody understands,

quite why we're here

We're searchin' for answers

That never appear

Guns N' Roses, forseeing the A&M 2014 football season

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

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HOWDY & GOOD FRIDAY TO YOU. Subbing in for Jimmy here as he travels. I even got you some song lyrics!

Sign of the times. By now you've probably heard about Georgia running back and Heisman contender Todd Gurley being suspended. We also know that SB Nation was approached with the "story" last Monday, but declined to run with it. Gurley's Heisman hopes are effectively dashed with this suspension. This is the side of college football that makes people scratch their heads, especially those who follow it most closely.

FULLCAST! Our own TelcoAg had a vital Bielema-related question answered in this most recent version of SB Nation's college football illuminati talk show. Also, Jason Kirk does a tremendous Wright Thompson voice impersonation if that kind of thing entertains you. Surely there must be more than, like, three of us who find that hilarious.

Charts and graphs and charts and graphs and... Check out GBH stat mage mattywatty's latest breakdown of the Aggie offense. It's insanely detailed so if you're wondering how Kenny Hill is performing on 3rd down and 4 while wearing a white helmet during the bottom half of the hour, we've got a stat for that. Well, maybe not that, but plenty of other good stuff.

FORECAST: PAIN RAIN. That's a 60% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon if you're keeping score at home. The team was going to practice on the new turf late yesterday, so hopefully it held up alright. I think as long as we don't get half a foot of rain in a short time span it should be fine. That's my hot weather take.

Finally, have fun tomorrow. Unfortunately, I won't be making it to the supertailgate extravaganza tomorrow that a lot of you are planning to attend. Hope y'all enjoy it and get to meet some new GBH friends. And please remember to thank cuppycup if you are fortunate enough to meet him because he busted his ass to put this all together. He didn't have to do that, you know.

Happy Friday, and happy football-watching to all!