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Daily Bull 10.1.14

Ced is learning to speak Finnish thanks to Rosetta Stone!
Ced is learning to speak Finnish thanks to Rosetta Stone!
Bob Levey

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WOULDYA LOOK AT THAT IT'S OCTOBER. Hard to believe, but we're a month into it already. This is when the weather starts to dip under 90, conference play starts, and we get foggy Tuesday night Sun Belt or MAC shootouts to smooth out the later weeks of the season. We've got three tough games and a bye this month, so hang on.

WELCOME TO THE BIGS. gigthem08 gives us this week's top Ags in the NFL, including a couple of firsts. Congrats to Mike Evans on his first TD catch, and Damontre Moore on his first sack. Oh and there's a nice soundbyte from Martellus Bennett in there too.

Interesting matchups: SEC West. Obviously all matchups are gonna be lights-out football-watching, but ESPN Stats goes a bit further, namely, stat matchups to watch. That Bulldog pass defense, though...if Mike and Ced and the goons can buy a little time against the Bulldog front, it could be happy trails for the receivers.

A Michigan Man? Bruce Feldman revealed recently on his podcast that our own Kevin Sumlin was a candidate for the Ann Arbor job back in 2011. Just...well, just be glad that things worked out the way that they did. Can't wait for Michigan-Texas 2024!

EZ KNOWS BEST. Seen a lot of baseball stuff on Twitter, folks. Just wanted to remind you all:

Sit tight, we'll be TAILGATING in no time.