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FILM FRIDAY: Terry Bussey Can Do it All

On Fridays, we watch film.

Rice v Houston Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Welcome to Film Friday. This is the first installment of a recurring offseason series where we break down film of a different signee, transfer, current player, coach, or scheme. And what better place to start than recent 5-star signee Terry Bussey?

Bussey primarily played quarterback and free safety for Timpson, while he projects at wide receiver or cornerback (or both?) in college. So you might think that trying to evaluate him would be difficult, since in his high school film he’s not running routes, catching passes, or playing much man coverage. But as soon as you turn on the tape, it becomes very obvious that Bussey could line up at pretty much any skill position and have success at A&M.

Bussey, the do-it-all athlete from Timpson, TX, boasts an elite athletic profile. Per 247Sports, Bussey checks in at 5’10.5 and 180 pounds with verified results such as a blazing-fast 10.66 100M time as a sophomore and a verified sub-4.5 40. He also ranks as the #1 athlete and #11 overall player in the 2024 class according to the 247 Composite.

You will be hard pressed to find better production numbers than what Terry Bussey put up in high school. He started on varsity all four years, playing on both sides of the ball his first three years before playing almost exclusively on offense as a senior (he missed the first part of the season with an injury).

Bussey produced video game numbers as a junior. In 15 games, he passed for 2,096 yards and 28 TDs, rushed for 2,596 yards and 46 TDs, recorded 115 tackles, picked off 5 passes (returning 4 for TDs), and returned 1 punt and 3 kickoffs for TDs. That was enough to be awarded Mr. Texas Football by Dave Campbell’s Texas Football publication.

Bussey finished his high school career with 177 total TDs, but the stat that really caught my eye was his 24(!) career interceptions in only three seasons of playing defense.

This edition of the film study is a lot less Xs and Os and a lot more “damn, this guy can do everything”. Feel free to pop some popcorn before viewing. Let’s get into it.

The pure speed that Bussey possesses is well-known, but the clips in this first video prove that he’s a football player and not just a track star. The toughness and balance he plays with is special. Stiff-arming defenders, breaking tackles, and flat-out refusing to go down, it’s all on display here.

Bussey’s toughness translates to the defensive side of the ball as well. He’s not just a willing defender in the run game, he excels at it. In addition, while he embraces physicality and contact, there are plenty of clips here of him wrapping up and getting defenders on the ground.

You can’t talk about Terry Bussey without bringing up his speed. He literally has dozens of clips of plays just like these, but I tried to pick the most impressive ones. Bussey’s speed combined with his shiftiness and strength made him virtually impossible for 2A defenders to tackle in the open field. The last clip here is a punt return which I actually meant to put in the tough runs’ll see why.

Back to defense, Bussey was a true ballhawk at Timpson. With most of his work coming at safety, his speed, play recognition, and ball skills are on full display here. The kid really can do it all. Run, tackle, catch, cover, he’s just a ball player.

You knew I had to work this gif in there. It’s true, he can pass.

There is a conversation to be had about where the best fit for Bussey is on the A&M team. Can he be a shutdown corner? Is his explosive ability too enticing to keep him from playing offense? He will almost certainly factor in to the return game (although we miss you already, Ainias). One thing is for certain: Terry Bussey is a certified badass football player, and Aggie fans will see him making plays in maroon and white as early as this fall.