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Aggies in the NFL Playoffs: Championship Sunday

Madubuike, Reynolds headline A&M players in today’s matchups

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

It’s NFL Conference Championship Sunday, and we’ve still got Aggies featured in both matchups. If your rooting interests weren’t already decided, hopefully this will do the trick.

Kansas City Chiefs (11-6) at Baltimore Ravens (13-4)

2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28 (CBS)

  • DL Justin Madubuike (BAL)

With Madubuike having a career year and no Aggies on the Chiefs roster or staff, this one is pretty cut and dry (unless you’re a Swifty).

Detroit Lions (12-5) at San Francisco 49ers (12-5)

5:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28 (FOX)

  • LB Coach Johnny Holland (SF)
  • Offensive Passing Game Specialist Klint Kubiak (SF)
  • WR Josh Reynolds (DET)
  • Head Coach Dan Campbell (DET)
  • Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn (DET)
  • Special Asst. to the GM Don Muhlbach (DET)
  • Defensive Quality Control DeAndre Thompson (DET)

The 49ers do have a couple Ags on their coaching staff, but Detroit takes this one. Led by former Aggie TE Dan Campbell, with former Aggie CB Aaron Glenn at Defensive Coordinator and former Aggie WR Josh Reynolds at, well, WR, this team is about as Aggie as you can get. Add in a couple assistants with A&M ties and the fact that 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan is a Longhorn and this one becomes undebatable.

Join us in rooting for a Ravens/Lions Super Bowl!