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Cane fans recommend top activities to do in Miami instead of going to their game vs. Texas A&M

Such a courteous bunch.

Art Deco District, Miami Beach shows colorful retro neon signs with palm trees and clouds on beach, Florida Photo by: Visions of America/Joseph Sohm/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

No. 23 Texas A&M travels to south Florida this weekend for a game against the Miami Hurricanes that’s about as pivotal as a Week 2 game could be. With both teams coming off of 5-7 season, each is trying to rebound and prove that they’re the team who has turned the corner in 2023.

You’d think that would translate into this being a hot ticket with a near capacity crowd. After all, “The U” is one of the most fabled programs in college football. But, with a shocking inventory of tickets still available for purchase for Saturday’s game, apparently it will be far from full. In fact, in an effort to get Hurricane fans through the door, Miami is now offering fans a buy-one-get-one opportunity where purchasing a ticket to the Texas A&M game will get you a free ticket to their game against Georgia Tech in October.

I pointed out the seeming disparity in fan support between Miami and A&M (Aggie fans sold out the matchup between the two teams at Kyle Field a year ago). The post made it’s way into the hands of Miami fans, and you’d assume that would lead them to fervently defend their program. Instead, many simply told me all of the other things they’d rather be doing than watching Hurricane football.

So since Miami is such an amazing place, to the point that supporting your football team is such a low priority, we thought we’d help spread the good word by sharing the top things to do there, other than go to Hard Rock Stadium.

Get on a boat

Hit the beach

Go to the bars/clubs

Try the seafood

Avoid traffic (which obviously no other game has)


And my personal favorite, wait until the team is good

I think it’s safe to say, we are not the same. BTHO miami.