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FILM STUDY: A Look at QB1, Conner Weigman

Some spring game clips to tease what we might see this fall.

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Texas A&M Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With Jimbo Fisher officially announcing Conner Weigman as Texas A&M’s starting quarterback, I wanted to put together some clips from the spring game that showcase some of the strengths in Weigman’s game. I also wanted to highlight some things we might see from Bobby Petrino’s offense this season. Let’s dive in.


Weigman motions the RB out wide, matching him up on a corner. Now WR Evan Stewart is covered by a safety. The RB runs a go route, taking the corner down the field. Evan runs an out route and this is a quick, easy decision for Conner. The ball is out fast, easy pitch and catch for a 1st down. Good stuff.


What a beaut. This is on the same drive as #1, but now we’re mixing it up with 12 personnel (two TE, one RB). Stewart is by himself at the bottom of the screen. We get a play-action fake to RB Amari Daniels, then Conner places the ball perfectly over Stewart’s shoulder. Kent Robinson has great coverage on Evan, but this is an incredible throw from Weigman and Stewart makes a great grab. This is the type of play that the Aggie offense has been badly missing, and Weigman is a guy that can make them. It also helps to have guys like Evan Stewart to throw to. (Sidenote, peep the separation from Noah Thomas at the top of the screen)


This is the very next play after the long catch from Stewart. The offense is in yet another different formation. This time it’s a pistol set (RB standing directly behind the QB) and back to one TE attached on the line of scrimmage. This is a quick little receiver screen out to Ainias Smith. Catch and release, boom-boom. Now, it may not seem like anything special, but ball placement is crucial on screen plays. Weigman did a terrific job here putting the ball out in front of Ainias, allowing him to run into it and keep his momentum. Very well-placed throw.

Also a little eye candy from Petrino on this play too. The LG pulls to the opposite side and the RB goes that way as well, drawing the linebacker away from the play.


This was probably the most impressive throw of the day. I absolutely love this one. It’s 3rd & 10, Stewart is in single coverage at the top of the screen. He runs an out route past the sticks, a very well-run route and creates separation. I paused this one for a few seconds to emphasize this: Weigman likes his matchup and makes the decision to go to Stewart before he’s out of his break. This ball is already in the air as Evan turns his head. Conner did get pressured a little at the end and the throw is ever-so-slightly outside. But if you miss inside on a throw like this, it’s usually 6 the other way. Stewart, once again, is spectacular. Great play.


This one is more about Petrino than it is Conner. Another 3rd & 10, watch Evan and Jake Johnson at the bottom of the screen. They run a rub route, Evan cuts right behind Johnson, and the DBs collide juuuust enough to allow Evan to find some space underneath. Conner hits him in stride and moves the chains. We love to see it.

Weigman was ranked as a 5-star recruit for a reason. In his four starts last year and in the spring game, he has displayed some exceptional ability. Pairing him with Petrino is even more exciting. I think Petrino is going bring a ton of creativity to the offense and set Weigman up for success by making the offense easier to operate, scheming guys open, and putting him in a position to make quick, easy decisions. Weigman’s quick release and accuracy should be on full display this fall. And I haven’t even gotten to the run game yet and the impact that Petrino is going to make there.

I also have yet to mention the receiver room! Looking back at these clips, this could have been an Evan Stewart article. Between Stewart, Ainias Smith, Moose Muhammed, Noah Thomas, and newcomers like Jahdae Walker and Micah Tease, the receiver room is as talented as it’s been in recent memory.

With Weigman and Petrino at the helm, and a bevy of talent at the skill spots, the 2023 Texas A&M offense has the potential to be absolutely electric. Saturday can’t get here fast enough.