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Projecting Texas A&M’s 2023 depth chart

Wild speculation incoming

NCAA Football: UCLA at Texas A&M Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Week 1 of the college football season, which means it’s that time of year where we finally get an official Texas A&M depth chart, right? Wrong. As is a growing trend in college football, the Aggies did not release a depth chart to accompany their Monday press conference.

So with no confirmed starters, there’s only one thing we can do: Wait patiently until Saturday Irresponsibly speculate about who will see the field this coming Saturday.

Texas A&M Two-Deep Depth Chart (projected)

Keep in mind that this isn’t based on any kind of double secret inside information. Just the same practice reports/tidbits we’re all seeing on social media/message boards.


NCAA Football: Prairie View A&M at Texas A&M Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports


  • Conner Weigman (SO)
  • Max Johnson (RS JR)

No debate here, as Jimbo confirmed Weigman as the starter on Monday. The only question is who would be third string.


  • Amari Daniels (RS SO) OR
  • Leveon Moss (SO) OR
  • Rueben Owens (FR)

A bit of a copout to have three co-starters, but it seems likely that all three of them see significant snaps/carries early on. But I wouldn’t rule out one guy seizing a lead role as the season progresses



  • Noah Thomas (SO)
  • Jahdae Walker (JR)


  • Evan Stewart (SO)
  • Moose Muhammad (SO)


  • Ainias Smith (RS SR)
  • Jordan Anthony (SO)

I wouldn’t put too much stock these positions, as I think you could easily see plays where guys like Stewart or Muhammad play in the slot as well. In addition to this group, I think there’s a chance you see one or both of freshmen Micah Tease and Raymond Cottrell on the field this Saturday.


  • Jake Johnson (RS FR) OR
  • Theo Melin Ohtstrom (RS FR) OR
  • Max Wright (RS SR)

Once again, not a lot of clarity here following the loss of Donovan Green (the assumed starter) to a torn ACL. Johnson and Ohrstrom represent the youth movement, while Max Wright is the veteran of the group, though may have less upside.



  • Trey Zuhn (RS SO)
  • Dametrious Crownover (RS SO)


  • Kam Dewberry (SO)
  • Aki Ogunbiyi (RS JR)


  • Bryce Foster (RS SO)
  • Mark Nabou (RS FR)


  • Layden Robinson (SR)
  • Hunter Erb (RS FR)


  • Reuben Fatheree (JR)*
  • Chase Bisontis (FR)

*Fatheree is still working his way back from an offseason injury, so Bisontis will start against New Mexico. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see Fatheree back in there against Miami in Week 2.


NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports



  • Shemar Turner (JR)
  • Shemar Stewart (SO)


  • McKinnley Jackson (SR)
  • Gabriel Brownlow-Dindy (RS FR)


  • Walter Nolen (SO) OR
  • Isaiah Raikes (RS JR)


  • Fadil Diggs (RS JR)
  • Lebbeus Overton (SO)

Moreso than any other position, the starters don’t really matter here. I expect all of the players listed here to see significant snaps, and this doesn’t even account for other situational players like Albert Regis, Malik Sylla and Enai White and freshmen D.J. Hicks and Samu Tamanupepe (a ready-made short-yardage stopper). This unit has no excuse not to be dominant, with wave after wave of elite blue chip talent.


  • Edgerrin Cooper (SR)
  • Jurriente Davis (SR)


  • Taurean York (FR)
  • Chris Russell (RS SR)

York seemingly earning the starting job over incumbent starter Chris Russell is one of the biggest stories of fall camp. While starting a true freshman at linebacker is a bit scary, the depth at the position, with Davis/Russell and then Martrell Harris/Daymion Sanford behind them, may not be as dire as it appeared for much of the offseason.



  • Tyreek Chappell (JR)
  • Tony Grimes (SR)


  • Josh DeBerry (RS SR)
  • Jayvon Thomas (FR)


  • Bryce Anderson (SO)
  • Dalton Brooks (FR)


  • Demani Richardson (RS SR)
  • Jared Kerr (SO)


  • Jardin Gilbert (JR)
  • Jacoby Mathews (SO)

While cornerback was the position hit the hardest by the transfer portal this offseason, A&M did a nice job re-loading. In addition to this two-deep, other notables on the roster include Deuce Harmon, Bobby Taylor, Sam McCall and Bravion Rogers.


Ole Miss v Texas A&M Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images


  • Randy Bond (RS SO)
  • Ethan Moczulski (RS FR)


  • Ethan Moczulski (RS FR)
  • Randy Bond (RS SO)


  • Nik Constintinou (RS SR)
  • Tyler White (FR)


  • Garrett Townsend (JR)
  • Connor Able (RS SO)

(Let it be known that I’m totally guessing on who starts at deep snapper)

Where do you think I’m wrong? Let me know in the comments.