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Johnny Manziel to open a bar on Northgate

A brand synergy made in heaven

Fan Controlled Football Season v2.0 - Week Five Photo by Brett Carlsen/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

Johnny Manziel’s football days may be over, but he’ll always be a legend in Aggieland, and it seems he’s parlaying that fame into a business venture that could not be more perfect: a bar on Northgate (the main bar district across University Drive from the Texas A&M campus).

The bar, called “Johnny Manziel’s Money Bar,” is reportedly set to open this fall at 115 College Main Street, and given Manziel’s adoration in College Station, it’s hard to imagine it won’t instantly become a mainstay for bargoers, particularly on home game weekends.

It’s probably also no coincidence that this is getting announced just one week before the Manziel “Untold” documentary premieres on Netflix.

Obviously in a perfect world, Manziel would still be in the third act of his NFL career (it’s been 10 years since his last season at A&M, after all). But that is not how things played out. Struggles with addiction saw him flame out after just two seasons, and fail to catch on in any meaningful way in several other smaller leagues. But for a guy who would have absolutely been the king of NIL had it existed during his college days, it’s nice to see him capitalize on his notoriety, even years later.

Can’t wait to enjoy an overpriced postgame beer while packed nut to butt at Johnny’s bar.