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Breaking News: Jimbo provides vague responses about play calling which makes me feel weird

It’s not news but we’re gonna hear it over and over again so get used to it.

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Jimbo Fisher was asked for the millionth time about play calling and he, for the millionth time, gave a vague response which, for the millionth time, folks ran with and left us, for the millionth time, feeling some type of way about how this fall is going to go

And here I am writing a story about tweets. And I don't want to write a story about tweets especially when this isn't much of a story.

Jimbo’s not wrong here either oddly enough. There’s the game-planning component and the play-calling component. Jimbo is going to be heavily involved (along with new hire Jim Chaney, probably Addazio, and of course Petrino) in game planning for individual opponents. And that’s a good thing because we’ve seen Jimbo put together some pretty solid game plans.

The challenge here is that Jimbo doesn't do that often enough. Too often Jimbo goes in and just calls plays and figures it out on the fly (at least it feels like that). But he’s not going to have to do that because Petrino is going to be calling plays on gameday as evidenced by what Ainias Smith is saying here.

Do I know any of this for a fact? Man hell no. But it’s what my gut tells me. I’ve said this before but I do believe there is a plan and it’s that Jimbo is one of the people around the table planning for opponents but then is freed up on gameday to do things like manage timeouts, look at down and distance, and argue with refs. I’m sure he’ll be on the headset listening to the chatter and I’m sure that he’ll find a way to [pardon the language] motherfuck Petrino into oblivion when a play he doesn't like gets called

The good news about that is Petrino is salty enough to [excuse the language] motherfuck him right back off the headset.

Don’t take the bait. It’s all gonna be fine.

47 days until kick-off.