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Newest Blue Chip Ratio rankings show Texas A&M is still set up for success despite 2022 struggles

The pieces are there for a big time bounce back

LSU v Texas A&M Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

247 Sports’ Bud Elliott does an annual list entitled “The Blue Chip Ratio.” Put simply, it’s the percentage of your college football team’s roster that were four-star and five-star recruits. The list for 2023 was released on Tuesday, and unsurprisingly, Texas A&M comes in very high: fourth in the country at 73% blue chip recruits.

This is up slightly from 2022, when A&M was 5th at 70%. Now, it’s worth mentioning that this ranking does not account for transfers, which for A&M were significant. When incorporating transfers, the Ags move down to 67%, but that is still good for 6th nationally.

In Bud’s own words:

“The Blue-Chip Ratio threshold does not guarantee a national championship, but a team not meeting it is almost certainly guaranteed not to win it all.

The requirement to stack talent on top of talent makes sense when considering the violence of the sport of football. Even those teams who stay relatively healthy need depth to survive the season. Teams who sign elite class after elite class have greater competition in practice, and greater quality of depth.”

While A&M certainly had a disappointing 2022 season, going 5-7 and falling short of bowl eligibility for the first time since joining the SEC, this is a reminder that the talent is there for this team to rebound in a big way. And perhaps just as importantly, that talent is older and more experienced this year than it was last year (the Aggies lead the SEC in returning production, after all). Add that with the offseason staff changes headlined by the hiring of Offensive Coordinator Bobby Petrino, and it’s not hard to see why A&M is a trendy big to have a bounce back season in 2023.

Let’s hope the on-field results this season can match the talent on the roster.