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Photoshopping googly eyes on every statue on the Texas A&M campus

Why am I like this?

Texas A&M University Division of

A photo made the rounds on Twitter this week in which someone had stuck googly eyes onto the newly unveiled Reveille statue on the Texas A&M campus. And c’mon, it’s hard not to laugh at this.

A rational person would give this a mild chuckle and move on with their lives. But I, for some reason, decided this meant we needed to see what EVERY statue at A&M would look like with the googly eye treatment.

Firstly, however many statues you think there are on the A&M campus, there are more. Like there are at least three I’m almost certain I’ve never seen before. We love us some statues. It’s also important to note that for this exercise I required it to actually have eyes to be a statue (otherwise it’s just a sculpture). So you won’t see any googly eyes on the giant Aggie Ring (unless you really wan to and you ask nicely).

Editor’s Note: This is not done as any sort of disrespect to any of the individuals or groups represented by these statues. Obviously many of these represent very important people/ideals and this is not meant to diminish that in any way. It’s just harmless internet fun and should be treated as such.


E. King Gill

outside Kyle Field

Texas A&M University Division of

Yell Leader

also outside Kyle Field

Corps Values Statue

also also outside Kyle Field

John David Crow

also also also outside Kyle Field

War Hymn Monument

also also also also outside Kyle Field

E. King Gill (yes another one)

Rudder Plaza

College of Veterinary Medicine Horses

I think you can probably guess where they’re located

The Day the Wall Came Down

George H.W. Bush Presidential Library

George H.W. Bush

George H.W. Bush Presidential Library

Lawrence Sullivan Ross

Academic Plaza

Earl Rudder

Rudder Plaza

Matthew Gaines

near Bizell Hall

Pinky Wilson

Aggie Park

Danger 79er

The Quad

Centennial Eagle

Sanders Corps of Cadets Center

The Roughneck

Petroleum Engineering Building

Robert J. Kleberg, Jr.

The Kleberg Building

Arch 406

Langford Architecture Building

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The Commons

Shaping the Future

Harrington Building

The Gates of Learning

Becky Gates Learning Center