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WATCH: Jimbo Fisher speaks to the media as spring football nears its conclusion

Sam Houston v Texas A&M Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

HC Jimbo Fisher

  • Jimbo praised the development of the offensive linemen, saying he’s “really excited about that group” (especially noteworthy considering they just lost Matthey Wykoff to the portal).
  • Said A&M will be active when the portal window opens on Saturday, but also noted that A&M may not end up at 85 scholarships. He said when he was at FSU the most they ever had was 81.
  • On the importance of developing fundamentals in the spring: “More football games are lost than are won.”
  • Said the team has had great energy in practice on both sides of the ball.
  • Young WRs have done a great job. Evan Stewart is back in practice. Noah Thomas has “really jumped out.”
  • Been pleased with freshmen linebackers Damion Sanford and Taurean York.
  • Donovan Green will miss the spring game due to an ankle injury.
  • Jimbo touched on the difficulty of recruiting guys from the portal when you have so many returning starters.
  • Transfer WR Tyrin Smith is going back to UTEP
  • Jimbo does not seem to be much of a fan of scrimmaging another team in lieu of a intrasquad spring game.
  • Using more motion/deception partially because of Bobby Petrino and also because they have a more experienced team. “You can be deceiving, but you can deceive yourself.”
  • On Conner Weigman: “It’s confidence, not arrogance...The great ones, they believe in themselves and they carry themselves that way.
  • While there is new terminology with Petrino’s offense, they’re trying to keep as much of it the same as possible to make it easier on the players.

TE Max Wright

S Demani Richardson