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Texas A&M, Arkansas to leave SEC for Big 12 as early as 2024

Historic rivalries, geography take precedence in shocking conference move

We all knew that conference realignment in college football likely wasn’t over, but I’m not sure anyone saw this coming. In a shocking revelation, Good Bull Hunting has learned that Texas A&M intends to leave the Southeastern Conference in order to re-join the Big 12, and could do so as early as the 2024-45 athletic season. They would also be joined by a fellow SEC team: the Arkansas Razorbacks.

“Texas A&M has always valued tradition, and there is nothing more traditional than renewing our rivalries with our fellow in-state programs that have spanned generations,” said Texas M&M Athletic Detector Russ Bjorn. “In addition, this coming year marks Texas A&M’s 12th year in the SEC, and letting the 12th Man say goodbye to the SEC in our 12th season is a branding opportunity that we simply could not ignore.”

With the reported move, the Aggies would share a conference with seven of their top 12 most-played opponents of all time in Baylor (102 games), TCU (89), Arkansas (78), Texas Tech (69, hehe), Houston (34), Oklahoma State (30) and Kansas State (16). It also, on paper, gives them an easier path to a potential College Football Playoff spot, with the field expanding to 12 teams beginning in 2024. Said one source: “I mean, Kansas State and Baylor are the two most recent Big 12 champions. How hard could it be?”

The move would put the Big 12 at 14 teams, on equal footing with both the SEC and ACC. More importantly, it re-affirms the conference’s presence in the region following the departure of two marquee programs in the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners.

“Texas A&M is a national brand that we are thrilled to welcome back into the Big 12 as we continue our commitment to being one of the premiere conferences in college athletics,” said Beg 12 Co-mentioner Brent Walmart as he did exaggerated air quote gestures with his hands. “We also brought in Arkansas because if nothing else we needed someone who can beat Kanas at basketball.”

Financially, the ramifications of the move remain murky. While Texas A&M and Arkansas’ move weakens the SEC’s position and strengthens the Big 12, it is difficult to imagine that the Aggies and Razorbacks won’t see a decreased conference payout in years to come. But while they may lose millions in television revenue, they’re anticipated to save tens of thousands in travel costs. In addition, each team’s bottom line will reportedly be supplemented by a contract that will keep the annual game between the Aggies and Razorbacks at AT&T Stadium (or any future replacement stadium) in Arlington until 2074.

When asked whether this had anything to do with Texas joining the SEC in 2024, university officials feigned a look of surprise and claimed that aspect of the move had not occurred to them until literally just now.

2024 Big 12 Map

If you got this far and still thought this was a real news story, I’m here to say A) shame on you, and B) look at a calendar.


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