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A Definitive Guide to Making Sense of Off-Season Jimbo/Petrino/A&M Content

Read this before you read anything else. Or don’t. Whatever.

Massachusetts v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Much has been made about Jimbo’s spring ball press conference response about the play calling. Saturday Down South wrote a piece called “Oh no is the Jimbo Fisher-Bobby Petrino Marriage Already on the Rocks?!?!?!” (which I didnt read) (extra exclamations/question marks added by me for dramatic emphasis). Cole Cubelic had a fantastic rebuttal (which I didn't listen to but I assume it's fantastic because Cole is just great).

And like we’re gonna get more of this back and forth from doom and gloom to hey it’s not that bad. So here’s a surefire 100% accurate framework on how to make sense of off-season content. And please be advised I’m going to cuss in this more than I normally do in articles.

Just don't fucking pay attention to it. Not even a single bit of it. Legitimately no good can come of focusing on micro details about this offseason. If you want to watch highlights great, if you want to read about how players are doing great, but just don't pay attention to the details or try and read into whatever any coach is saying this offseason because right now the A in A&M stands for angst.

To that why is anyone surprised that Jimbo is angsty right now? We finished 5-7 last year and he gave up play-calling. Of course, he’s uncomfortable and frustrated. It’s the first time in like 30 damn years that he’s not calling the shots of the offense, or coaching the QBs (Petrino being with the QBs and Jimbo floating at practice tells you everything you need to know about how playcalling is going to look-Petrino is in charge). Of course, he’s pissy, his primary focus and identity have been taken away from him.

Jimbo said it was about execution and everyone’s like “oh no he doesn't get that schemes are different and we’re right back to where we started and he’s gonna be all on Petrino’s ass and Jimbo’s gonna take over and the team is gonna be ass”

Two things 1) it can't be worse than last year and 2) here’s a story:

My kids are pretty smart. Sometimes if they’re struggling with their homework they’ll come over to me and ask me to help them. And I’ll explain it the best way that I can...of course, I’m a 43-year-old man, and being able to translate 1st-grade/6th-grade math is difficult because most of it kind of just comes naturally to me (this is not a humble brag I am generally bad at math much to the chagrin growing up of my very Asian parents). I’ll explain and explain and in the back of my head I’m thinking “I don't know what I’m doing wrong they just need to execute”. Then my wife will come over take a look and say three words and it will just click for my kids. They’ll walk away understanding the concept completely (please know that I’m not presenting myself as the archetype of the bumbling idiot dad because this often happens to her too).

So when that happens am I just content that they got the concept and that they’re gonna go on to have success with no other emotions? FUUUUUUCK no. I get frustrated that why couldn't they get that from me, I’m LITERALLY saying the exact same thing she did! Of course, I let that go and then get mad at myself for getting mad and just move on with my day.

The same shit is happening to Jimbo and Petrino. In other words: Stop paying attention to it because it’s silly.

And here’s an optimistic view...the talent on this team notwithstanding (and let’s be clear this team is talented. If you could find me one more quality linebacker this team would be in a very good place at all 22 spots)...I’ll take pissy Jimbo in this offseason every day of the week over the rosy giggles mclaughington cocky Jimbo we’ve had the past two offseasons. For two years straight we’ve heard “there’s a quiet optimism coming out of Jimbo Fisher something something”...and whether that was based on his impressions of Haynes King, or the recruiting class, or whatever...but the past few years Jimbo has been content and confident going into the season and this is the first time that we’re seeing him nervous and on edge.

I have said many times before that Jimbo is better when he’s intimidated. He’s better when he doesn't think that he’s got a talent advantage against who he’s playing. He’s better when he feels pressure and feels under the gun. It’s how we got wins against LSU, Florida, and Alabama, and came within a hair of beating Clemson in year 1. Jimbo is better when his ass is on fire and he's nervous. So maybe this offseason is a “now is the winter of our discontent” type of thing because google tells me that’s actually a good thing that leads to being made glorious by the summer sun of york.

So in short, here’s my advice on this offseason. Don't pay attention to how the sausage is getting made. Throw it on the damn grill in the fall and if it tastes good then be happy about the process that got you there. If it gives you botulism then maybe reflect on the process of how you got there, but absolutely no good can come of hyper analyzing every single word Jimbo says as an indication of where the program is headed. Coming off the season we had, some angst is warranted and hell is even welcomed.

We’re in full-on prove-it mode. And we can't do that until the fall. So until then, unplug and relax.