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What every SEC stadium will look like in 100 years (according to AI)

The future is weird, y’all.

College football is rapidly changing, and it’s impossible to know what the future will hold. Or is it? Thanks to the magic of artificial intelligence, we can now get a glimpse into what our beloved SEC football cathedrals may look like long after all of us are gone.

I asked Stable Diffusion’s AI art generator what a futuristic version of each SEC stadium would look like 100 years from now, and the results are, to say the least, interesting.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Bama appears to have eschewed modernity and gone for a very old school design, in many ways reminiscent of a pre-2014 Kyle Field. I’ve said for a while now that open endzones are the wave of the future, and by “open,” I mean open to an endless abyss at the edge of our very plane of existence.

Arkansas Razorbacks

It seems Arkansas has embraced the art of the overhang (except for that one part on the lower right, which I can only assume is the student section).

Auburn Tigers

Auburn saw Arkansas’ overhang and said “hehe, that’s cute.”

Florida Gators

Is that a tinted glass roof?!?! I’m sure it helps with sunburn, but from an airflow perspective, it looks like Ben Hill Griffin will continue to earn it’s nickname as “The Swamp.”

Georgia Bulldogs

In a dystopian future where humans view literally everything via a screen, people still gather for major sporting events. But there’s no longer a need for the stands to face the field. Having seats on the outside of the stadium greatly increases airflow, but hearing the crowd react to everything 15 seconds after it actually happens takes some getting used to.

Kentucky Wildcats

Kroger Field has never looked better, and an AI replica of Mark Stoops continues to roam the sidelines to this day.

LSU Tigers

Not only has LSU not significantly upgraded their stadium in the past 100 years, they actually reduced capacity in the endzone. Rough times in Red Stick, my friend.

Mississippi State Bulldogs

It’s safe to say the century has been kind to the Bulldogs. But in 2123, the cowbells ring the humans.

Missouri Tigers

Budgetary concerns due to the national NFT shortage meant Mizzou had to rebuild under a bridge and choose between shading the fans or shading the players. I think it’s obvious which one they chose.

Oklahoma Sooners

Safe to say the classic architectural stylings of Gaylord Memorial are long gone, and the new digs are crimson and cream af. Also my has Norman grown.

Ole Miss Rebels

It’s been 100 years but somehow Vaught-Hemingway is still the least impressive stadium in the SEC. Also The Grove is now the world’s largest Starbucks patio.

South Carolina Gamecocks

Sure the stadium is impressive, but the broadcast crew will still spend half the game talking about the state fair happening nearby.

Tennessee Volunteers

While other schools added luxury suites or other more modern amenities, Tennessee said “nah, just throw another couple decks on top.”

Texas Longhorns

Of course the Longhorns were the first ones to build a dome. It was the only way to get folks out of the club level and back in their seats.

Texas A&M Aggies

If you thought A&M was gonna stop just blindly throwing money at a problem, you clearly don’t know us very well. In fact this is the 12th time (#branding) the stadium has been completely rebuilt in the past century. Let’s hope that Grit Fisher, III (Jimbo’s great great grandson) can finally be the one to lead us to the promised land.

Vanderbilt Commodores

Nashville was ground zero for the alien invasion. While the football stadium is no longer in use, penguins who escaped from the zoo have adopted the field as their new habitat. Nature is healing.


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