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Texas A&M to wear Chilifest-inspired uniforms in NCAA Tournament

Baseball’s Corps uniforms were nice but Adidas may have gone too far this time.

Editor’s Note: This isn’t real, if that wasn’t obvious.

Texas A&M basketball is renewing their tradition of playing meaningful basketball in March, but there is another March tradition in Aggieland that doesn’t take a year off, and that is Chilifest, an annual country music festival in nearby Snook, TX.

To honor this rite of passage for A&M students, Texas A&M has partnered with Adidas for the latest iteration of their “Traditions” collection, a basketball uniform modeled after the standard attire of Chilifest. The Aggies are expected to wear this uniform when they take the court Thursday night in the first round of the NCAA Tournament against Penn State.

Much like the Corps-of-Cadets-inspired uniforms worn by the A&M baseball team, this uniform pays homage to the grand tradition of Chilifest, from the sleeveless tee to the cut off shorts and cowboy boots (modified into an Adidas Dame 8 sneaker with boot-patterned socks). While the straw hat is not able to be worn on court, it is available in the 12th Man Shop for just $59.99.

The vintage 90s tee, complete with mud splatter, is the epitome of Chilifest chic. Due to the lack of a player number, A&M’s opponents will be awarded a technical free throw at the beginning of each game, but it’s worth it to look this good.

When it comes to the shoes, Adidas combined the performance of the Dame 8 cushioning system with the durability of a leather boot upper (Chilifest wristband sold separately).

The Traditions uniform series will continue with additional sports in the coming months, including Aggie Softball sporting ghillie suit uniforms in tribute of Aggie Park, and the golf teams wearing caps fashioned to look like the dome of the Academic Building.

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