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Putting Texas A&M’s $49.9 million SEC payout in more relatable terms

In this photo illustration one hundred US dollar banknotes... Photo Illustration by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

On Thursday, the SEC announced a total fiscal year revenue of $721.8 million, which ends up being a $49.9 million payout per school.

Obviously that’s a lot of money, so much so that for common folk like us, it’s kind of hard to wrap our brains around just how large that amount is. So to help contextualize it, we tried to break down Texas A&M’s share of this payout in terms you can better understand.

$49.9 million could get you:

  • 3,944,644 four-tender combo’s from Layne’s
  • 3,838,461 Kyle Field beers (including souvenir cup)
  • 3,072,660 copies of “SEC Ready” on Blu Ray
  • 581,856 Texas A&M hoodies from Homefield Apparel
  • 88,318 Texas A&M season tickets (upper level end zone)
  • 15, 353 burial spaces in the Aggie Field of Honor (with a view of Kyle Field)
  • 1,558 semesters of college at Texas A&M (15 hours per semester)
  • 907 teachers’ yearly salaries (based on state average)
  • 509 fully loaded Ford F-250s (Jimbo’s truck)
  • 41.5 Whataburger franchises (startup cost only)
  • 3.8 Jaden Rashada NIL deals
  • 0.58 Jimbo Fisher contract buyouts

Hope this helps.