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The 12 worst Texas A&M jerseys you can actually buy

They’re real, and they’re not fantastic.

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Once upon a time, quality college jerseys were hard to come by (if not completely unavailable. But times have changed. Football has replica jerseys as well as higher quality “premier” jerseys, you can buy multiple different versions of official basketball and baseball jerseys, and player-specific (NIL) jerseys are even now available for both football and basketball. , and if you’re a fan of Texas A&M, there’s never been a better time to be in the market for a jersey that closely resembles what the teams wear on the field.

Heck, last week Aggie baseball announced their corps-inspired alternate uniform and the jerseys were available for purchase the very next day.

That said, it doesn’t mean everything out there is the epitome of quality. In fact the market is flooded with awful-looking jerseys. Some are just inaccurate, while others will singe your corneas. I scoured the internet and found what I believe to be the 12 (#branding) worst Texas A&M jerseys you can actually buy with real US Dollars in the year 2023.


Take away the camo yoke and side panels and this jersey wouldn’t be half bad. But unfortunately those areas are indeed camo so here we are.


This doesn’t necessary look awful, it’s just that it in no way resembles any jersey Texas A&M has actually worn.


Same as No. 11, this isn’t going to offend anyone. But if you’re gonna wear a jersey, not sure why you’d ever opt for this one.


For the Aggie basketball fan who’s never actually seen our team play basketball.


This one is making No. 12’s use of camo on a football jersey look downright tasteful.


When we said we wanted to see script “Aggies” on the football uniform, I don’t think this is what anyone had in mind.


Graphic design is their passion...


You’d be forgiven if you glanced at this and wondered why a South Carolina jersey is being included on this list.


We have officially reached offensive levels of camo.


The FBI would like to know where this jersey was on Jan. 6, 2021.


On behalf of the entire Good Bull Hunting team I’d like to apologize for exposing you to this.


Yes, that is in fact a football with a Texas A&M logo on it fashioned to look like a hand grenade. No, we don’t know why either.