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POST GAME THOUGHTS: Jimbo Fisher Era Ends with a 31-23 loss to #20 Oklahoma St.

On to the next era of Aggie Football

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Texas A&M at Oklahoma State Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I dont know what to write here. I dont know that any of us really give a shit about how this game went…with all the opt outs, coaching changes etc, I dont know that any of us expected much out of this game.

A late fumble on a long run that would have had us back in this game basically was the difference…but like that’s the Fisher era in a nutshell. If only this had happened, or if only that had happened…never mind the fact that we were down 30 scholarship players, left with 3 WRs, two true freshman corners, down to our 4th string QB etc. that got us in this situation. Oh well. Here we are ending the Jimbo Fisher era with a 7-6 year.

We got our ass beat in the first half, and played them tight enough in the second but whatever. Durkin was committed to letting our corners play man without safety help but whatever. Coley called a solid game but whatever.

Kudos to Oklahoma St—especially Alan Bowman and those WRs who seemed to catch everything. Let’s break this down and move on.


First play of the game we lose Jaylen Henderson and have to go to Marcel Reed. Marcel just cooly dialed up a 19/31 for 334 yards with 29 yards on the ground. Solid game for the kid. Next year will be really interesting to watch.


Dude is a dog. 7 catches for 110 yards and officially takes over as the #2 receiver on this team behind Ainias. Again, next year will be really interesting to watch


With all the notable losses, we forget that we got guys like GBD and Hicks on the line, both of whom flashed. And freshman Rylan Kennedy had a good game too. There’s some talent on this line.


Our guy has his work cut out for him but there are some pieces to work with here. You’ve got talent on that OL. You’ve got talent (no depth) on that WR group. RB group is solid enough.

Elko’s first second and third job is to sure up that defensive backfield. We need competition back there.


It’s been a long season. I’m glad this game is over because now we can move on to the next phase of Aggie Football. I’m sure there’s a place for a post-mortem on the Fisher era but that’s not happening tonight or ever. We’ve beaten it to death.

On to the next era.

Gig’Em. Thanks for reading this season. We’ll see you for next year’s post games.