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Mike Elko hires Tommy Moffitt as Strength & Conditioning Coach

Hard to imagine a better hire

Fitness fair Fibo 2023 Photo by Oliver Berg/picture alliance via Getty Images

We may still be waiting to find out who Mike Elko’s defensive coordinator will be, but we did find out another piece of the coaching staff puzzle on Tuesday, as Football Scoop is reporting that Texas A&M is poised to hire SEC legend Tommie Moffitt as Strength & Conditioning Coach.

Moffitt was the S&C Coach at Tennessee in the ‘90s before spending 20 years at LSU in the same role. If you were looking for a “name” hire in this role, this is about as big as it gets. Moffitt has a ton of skins on the wall (and a ton of proteges also in the industry).

Let’s hope he can bring Texas A&M similar levels of success as his previous stops.