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Texas A&M v Ole Miss Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Our beloved Fightin Texas Aggies suffered another kick in the nuts TD or less loss (3rd one this year) to Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss team 38-35. A&M fought back from a 20-7 deficit in the 2nd quarter, to take the lead 35-31, only to let Ole Miss go 75 yards in 9 plays over 1:40 to score the go-ahead TD to essentially win the thing.

It was a valiant effort but in the end, that doesn’t really mean anything. Let’s break it down.


Max had his best game as an Aggie 31/42 (74%) for 305 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT with 1 TD rushing. He was about as good as he could have been today—and that’s without Evan Stewart playing. Sure there were some missed throws and we can argue all day as to whether that INT was on him or not, but Max had a good day today. Good for him.

Amari Daniels and LeVeon Moss had a combined 21 carries for 152 yards. They ran hard.

The offense put up 450 yards and 28 points. Solid day


We just can't seem to string together all three phases of the game. The defense gave up 518 yards and 35 points. Despite having 1 sack and 6 TFLs Ole Miss was able to generate 387 yards passing on 73% completions (perhaps we should have seen it coming when we heard that Harmon and Chappell were out).

The offense did enough to put the defense in position to win the game...and we’ve been bemoaning the opposite all year long.


Truthfully I don't have much of an issue with how Jimbo coached today. I thought we adjusted on offense and defense was what it was, and we lost to a better team. For sure there’s good news in hanging with a top-10 team on the road but like when do we move past feeling good about that being good news? When do we move past “close” being good enough?

Last week someone asked why I wasn't more vocal in whether we should fire Jimbo Fisher. It’s because I feel like a total broke bitch saying that someone should cut a check for this when I’m not that guy and don't have those funds. Ethically it makes me feel icky.

But the bottom line is that at some point we know the answer as to whether Jimbo is the guy to give us the return on the investments we’re making into NIL, facilities, etc. And we need to act based on whatever that answer is.


5-4. It’s not good enough but it’s where we are. Regroup and find a way to win the next one

BTHO miss st.