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Valiant effort but we come up short again

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Our beloved Fightin Texas Aggies came up short, after having a half time lead against a ranked opponent and those words are familiar becuase I’ve written them 5 times this year. A&M drops its last game of the year 42-30 to the #14 LSU Tigers to finish the regular season 7-5. Let’s break it down


Jaylen Henderson was 25/35 for 294 with 2 TDs and 1 INT in his third ever college football start. He took what he was given and made some plays downfield (that long ball to Jahdae was incredible to watch). The INT he threw got to him, I think, and had him shook for a bit. Jaylen had a good game given the position he was in.

Jayden Daniels shook off a slow start to finish 16/24 for 235 with 4 TDs and 11 carries for 120. He was by far the best player on the field today and showed why he’s the front runner for the Heisman coming up. Him and his WRs were absolutely unreal and took advantage of a secondary that’s been a bit suspect all year long


LSU had 122 total yards in the first half, 70 rushing 52 passing averaging 5.2 yards a carry. They did something in the locker room, because second half they put up 267 and averaged 9.2 yards a carry.

We’ve struggled with halftime adjustments, but today the offense did ok. The defense got out-adjusted by LSU and it showed up on the field. Maybe it’s a matter of just being a matter of time before an elite offense gets going, but who knows.


If Elijah Robinson is genuinely being considered for the job, I feel like today was a good interview for him. He was aggressive in play calling, managed the clock pretty well and had his guys ready to play. In a year where there’s no perfect candidate, maybe you just ride with him and let him pick his own staff.

I’m sure we’ll have a hire soon enough and given this year I’m ready for a fresh start one way or another.

BTHO whomever we play in the bowl