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Aggies changing up their look in the first game post-Jimbo

Texas A&M’s uniforms were notoriously traditional under Jimbo Fisher, eliminating any alternate uniforms or different color combinations outside of the 1998 throwbacks worn in his first season (which were already being developed before he was hired).

But in the first game of the post-Jimbo-Fisher era, the Aggies are changing things up, wearing maroon pants for the first time since rolling out their current uniforms in 2020.

These pants have reportedly always been a part of the uniform set, and have often appeared in recruiting visit photos, but this is the first time the Aggies have worn them in a game, traditionally going with maroon/maroon/white at home and maroon/white/white on the road.

We’ve heard of a few changes than interim head coach Elijah Robinson has implemented to be a bit more player friendly, including more music at practices. This appears to be yet another one of those changes. The player reaction tells you all you need to know.