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Texas A&M AD addresses the firing of Jimbo Fisher

‘We were stuck’

“We are not reaching our full potential. We are not in the championship conversation and something was not quite right about our direction, and the plan.”

“Our program is stuck in neutral. We should be relevant on the national scene. Something is not clicking, something is not working, and therefore something had to give in order for Aggie football to reach our full potential.”

“The best programs have confidence. The program has an established identity. The program maximizes the talent. The leadership is fully integrated in the university, the athletics program and its culture. I did not feel like were meeting those standards of excellence and leadership.”

“The finances are monumental. As the contract states, there is a buyout provision in Coach Fisher’s contract, and those details will be worked out. Let me be very clear in this next part: Texas A&M Athletics and the 12th Man Foundation will be the sole sources of the necessary funds covering these transition costs.”

“You’re either moving forward or you’re stuck. We were stuck. And so I kinda used the analogy with somebody earlier: You’re driving down the highway, it’s a four-lane road and, I drive fast, OK, I like 75 to 80, and somebody’s in the left-hand lane going 55 and they won’t move over? We were that car going 55. Something had to give, they had to get out of the way.”

“It’s totality of how the program operates on a day to day basis. Something was not working to reach our full potential.”

“Honestly just consistency and positivity and confidence. Everything we do in this world rises and falls on leadership, good and bad. And so how you make decisions on a consistent basis, how leadership is provided on a consistent basis.”