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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 30 Southwest Classic - Texas A&M vs Arkansas

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BREAKING: Texas A&M reportedly parting ways with Jimbo Fisher

Major shakeup coming in College Station?

Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jimbo Fisher has undoubtedly had a disappointing past few seasons at Texas A&M, but many thought his massive $75 million+ buyout would keep him in Aggieland at least one more season. But according to TexAgs’ Billy Liucci, A&M looks to be ready to pull the plug on the Fisher era.

It’s admittedly odd to have this news come less than a day after the Aggies had easily their best performance of the season in a 51-10 throttling of Mississippi State, but the decision was clearly made prior to that game (and nothing in that game changes the underachievement that’s occurred during his tenure in College Station.

If this is indeed it for Fisher, he ends his tenure with a 45-25 record at A&M (a .642 winning percentage). The unfortunate part is that while his first three years brought a .722 win percentage (.680 in SEC play) and that big contract extension, his final three years saw Fisher muster only a .558 win percentage (.434 in SEC play). Given the talent on this A&M roster, and the resources that A&M has poured into this program, that’s simply not good enough. You can argue that Jimbo was a victim of his own success (recruiting-wise), but he was not brought here and paid all that money to go 8-4 (or worse). Even he would admit that.

Regarding that buyout: while it’s a massive total amount, the up-front hit for the Aggies isn’t as astounding as you might think. Fisher will be due 20% of the buyout within 30 days (approximately $19.2 million), and will then receive the remainder of the buyout annually for the next eight years ($7.2 million per year).

The next step will obviously be finding a replacement, but that’s for another article. But either way, it appears change is coming in Aggieland for the 2024 football season.

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