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React/Respond: Alabama

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 07 Alabama at Texas A&M Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We did this after the Miami loss, and back then I had the energy to nicely put things into categories of react vs respond, react being things that are emotional in nature, respond being things that require rational thought.

I don’t have that energy anymore and I’m not really sure where any of these bullets fit because they are all a combination of react and respond. Either way here are a few key hitters from this weekend’s loss.

Absolving Durkin

I will contradict myself later in this piece but this loss isnt at all on Durkin. We held Alabama to 23 yards rushing, 24 points (dont count the safety) and sacked them 5 times. The secondary struggled but we schemed up two interceptions. This game reminds me a lot of Miss St. in 2021 where I was mad at Elko but buddy you hold any SEC opponent to less than 25 and you for sure give yourself a chance to win.

27 Pts

We averaged 22 points per game against SEC opponents in 2022. We are currently averaging 27 points per game this year. Had we scored 27 points in this game we would have won.

I know our starting QB is out, but I dont think it’s unreasonable to ask for 27 points consistently from this level of talent. And I dont know that we have a choice given that we left 8 points at least (not taking the FG to start, missed FG, safety) on the field in a 6 point game.

Selective Aggression

You go for it on 4th and short with your first possession instead of taking the lead but you punt on 4th and short on the plus side of the field with the game on the line...all on the heels of having momentum to end the first half and just running out clock instead of trying to get 3/7 knowing that Bama gets the ball to start the 2nd half.

I’m all for aggression. I’m all for playing conservative. But it’s this inconsistency and seemingly senseless process by which you make decisions that confuses and frustrates me.

Halftime Adjustments

Bama came out of the gates in the second half and completed 5 straight passes before that interception, which we gave right back. He then went 3 for 4 and got a TD on the next play.

Converseley, we gave up said TD and Max went 2/3 with an INT and we gained 18 yards and punted.

Our halftime adjustments were non existent—or maybe they did exist and we just simply got outcoached. They got 149 yards and 14 points in the third quarter and we had 44 yards and 0 points. We are a good 2nd quarter team. We are a bad 3rd quarter team.

There’s so much to get into the weeds about regarding poor OL play, Max struggling...but it comes down to adjustments. Adjusting to their adjustments. Tweaking the game plan assuming that they’re gonna do things differently.


He wanted this game. You could tell. The 12th man wanted this game. You could tell.


Is not where we want to be. This was a winnable game where we couldnt overcome our own issues and lost. Can we regroup and take on a tough road opponent an be succesful and just get the hell out of our own way?

Guess we’ll see!