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SEC Shorts: Aggies gear up to face their toughest foe

They’ve done it again

I’m generally against going overboard with complaining about officiating (bad calls happen and it’s just a part of the game you have to accept). But that doesn’t mean I can’t chuckle when the SEC Shorts crew calls it out.

Arkansas had no penalties called against them on Saturday after entering the game as the most penalized team in college football. They also were awarded a fumble recovery even though Texas A&M looked to clearly recover the ball initially, there was a blatant targeting on WR Evan Stewart that wasn’t even reviewed, and they had a very quick forward progress call on the final play of the game that cost the Aggies one last touchdown.

Does any of that really matter? No. Especially in a game that the Aggies won decisively anyway. But it’s still fun to see others acknowledge the absurdity.